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Welcome to ITTS Computer-Based Test Centre Auditing Service

ITTS is your trusted partner in maintaining the integrity and fairness of computer-based testing around the globe. 

Our expert team specialises in providing comprehensive audit services for test centres, ensuring that the testing process adheres to the highest standards of security, compliance, and quality.

Our Services

Preparation and Scope Definition: We begin by defining the scope of the audit, setting specific objectives, and identifying the test centres to be audited.

On-Site Audits: Our team conducts on-site audits, thoroughly examining every aspect of test centre operations, including security measures, equipment functionality, and candidate verification.

Data Analysis and Reporting: We collect and analyse data to identify deficiencies and risks. Our comprehensive audit reports provide actionable insights to enhance test centre performance.

Follow-Up and Closure: We monitor corrective actions, ensuring that identified deficiencies are addressed promptly. If necessary, we conduct follow-up audits to guarantee compliance.

Post-Audit Evaluation: Our commitment to excellence includes evaluating the effectiveness of our audit process continually, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing enhancements.

Why Choose ITTS?

 Experienced and Qualified Audit Team: Our professionals have expertise in test administration, IT, and auditing, ensuring a thorough and knowledgeable assessment.

 Global Service: Our auditing services are readily available and accessible to clients across the globe, ensuring international coverage and support.

Thorough Assessment of Test Centres: We leave no stone unturned in evaluating the security, policies, procedures, and equipment of test centres.

Customised Recommendations for Improvement: Our reports provide tailored recommendations to enhance test centre operations, ensuring long-term compliance and integrity.

Continuous Monitoring and Follow-Up: We stand by our clients even after the audit, monitoring corrective actions and offering support as needed.

Proven Track Record: ITTS has a history of successfully ensuring test integrity and improving test centre performance.

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