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Who We Are

Company Overview

 ITTS was founded in 2009 with the specific aim to provide fully-supported brick and mortar testing facilities to Test Providers. 

At the outset, all the staff, without exception, were involved in front line and dealt directly with the final client: the test-taker. Most of us were or had been teachers of one kind or another, and the combination of these elements set the tone for our modus operandi i.e. to put the test-taker first. 

Because we used third-party organisations, despite our vetting and onboarding efforts we were not always successful in providing the best possible solutions in all parts of the world. However, after 12 years of experience, we now have in place considerably optimised processes, and the result is that we now work with all the major test providers in the industry. 

Whether we are delivering a 2000 candidate paper based high stakes accountancy exam coordinating 100 proctors, or setting up mobile computer based events globally, or setting up hotels for major events, all our clients since 2009 have appreciated the effort we put in, as we consistently go the extra mile for our clients and test-takers.

We have also brought this ethos to bear on the Remote Proctoring wing of our activities. As well as adopting a remote proctoring platform that not only focuses on the security aspects of remote invigilation, we have designed our solution to recreate as much as possible the test-taker experience in the brick and mortar environment. Furthermore, we work very closely with our clients to design and implement test-taker preparation processes and communication to prevent certain issues from even arising and to ensure seamless test administrations.

In short, there is no difference for us between the test centre and the remote session. Wherever the test-taker is located, they must be given the opportunity to do their very best in their assessment.

What We Do

We are present in over 200 cities, in 70 countries worldwide, offering over 20,000 testing seats.

Regular refresher courses are available for Test Administrators on practices, procedures, and policies of each of ITTS’ clients.

We provide technical Help Desk support for all our Test Centres.

Our staff are experienced in providing tests via a wide range of platforms and understand the inherent potential challenges. This experience allows us to troubleshoot any issues encountered.

ITTS staff are well-versed in practices, procedures and policies of numerous sponsors and are therefore tuned in to onboarding new sponsors rapidly and efficiently.

We source and onboard new centres, wherever you require testing to be delivered.

Central senior staff can travel to venues to oversee initial setup and the first administration of tests.

We have an ever-expanding Remote Proctor Network which our clients can access.

Proven track record of client satisfaction.

Our global testing partners are selected carefully and must meet stringent security and quality standards. ITTS technical staff have the experience and know-how to identify, source, set-up and monitor our sites globally to ensure that standards are met on a continuous basis. This level of quality control is our guarantee to client satisfaction, testing integrity, and long-term operational success.

ITTS operates in over 70 countries through our global network of trusted partners. Given our long-standing experience in the business, we like to consider ourselves THE test delivery experts!


Worldwide Test Centres

Present in over 200 cities worldwide for a total of 20,000 seats.

Strong Help Desk Support

Assisting with a wide range of testing platforms, our experience helps us understand and overcome distinct challenges.

Setup Assist

Senior operations staff available on site for setup consultancy and initial administration of tests.

Growing Network

Quick turnaround time for sourcing and setting up sites in locations where ITTS is not currently present.

Concierge Services

Dedicated and friendly staff are available to meet and greet the all-important candidates ensuring a stress-free experience in our safe and secure venues.

Test Accommodations

Assisting delegates with additional requirements with the appropriate aide during the test, providing equality of testing experience.

Customer Stories

We have been working on TOEFL IBT test, GMAT and Castle Exams for the last three years with ITTS and it has always been a pleasure. The professional skills of the ITTS team helps us every day to offer our examinees the best experience and comfort possible for their exam. ITTS has been there to help us in all aspects of our mutual business, from setting up our testing site, to improvement of security performance and we are pleased to have such a great partner to grow with.

ITTS – Bordeaux, FR – Alliaform

We have been working with ITTS for almost a year in delivering TOEFL IBT Test and CASTLE Exams; ITTS management and its professional team made our partnership extremely enjoyable. Their commitment and belief in a mutual benefit with their partners and dedication to a secure test delivery resulted in outstanding, high-performance and collaborative outcomes. Professionalism is reflected from the very beginning of setting up a testing site, exam delivery and afterward. It is really a pleasure working with them and our relationship has grown to the extent we feel we are good friends. ITTS technical support personnel are responsive whenever we or our clients have a technical problem. I highly recommend ITTS.

ITTS – Education Vision, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
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