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Our History

Our History

2009 – Incorporation

ITTS is founded, and immediately starts working for ETS and Prometricinitially exclusively in the delivery of the TOEFL exam. At this time the company comprises two people who are responsible for everything. 

2010 – Expansion

ITTS  sets up ITTS France Sarl in order to run a Prometric high-stakes test centre in the heart of Paris. 

2010 – 2013 Further Expansion

ITTS continues on its relentless sprint towards creating a global network of test centres and recruitment of staff. 

2016 – Trusted Partner

ITTS doubles its workforce and is testing at 150 locations for and behalf of most of the major test providers. ITTS also commences offering mobile testing, and large-scale paper-based events, with thousands of test-takers per session.

2018 – Remote Proctoring

For the first time, ITTS offers Remote Proctoring as part of a hybrid solution, for candidates who cannot reach test centres or locations where there are very few candidates and no readily available test centre. 

2020 – Global Remote Proctor Network

ITTS spends the whole year training new proctors to extend its network of proctors in all parts of the world. ITTS starts delivering large numbers of remote proctoring exams, providing not only proctors but technical support services. 

2021 – In demand

ITTS has again doubled its workforce, now has dozens of agents on the ground, over 200 test centres worldwide, and a network of over 1000 Remote Proctors!

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