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Computer based Exams & Test Centres

ITTS was founded in 2009 with the specific aim to provide fully-supported brick and mortar testing facilities to Test Providers. At the outset, all the staff, without exception, were involved in front line and dealt directly with the final client: the test-taker.

Most of us were or had been teachers of one kind or another, and the combination of these elements set the tone for our modus operandi i.e. to put the test-taker first…


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What are Computer Based Exams?

Computer Based Exams are assessments conducted using computers rather than traditional paper and pencil. These exams are typically administered via specialized software that delivers questions, records responses, and automatically scores answers. 

Computer Based Exams offer benefits such as immediate result processing, enhanced security, and the ability to incorporate various question formats, including multiple-choice, simulations, and interactive elements. 

They are widely used in educational settings, professional certification, and standardized testing.

Become a Test Centre

Whether you are new to the business or interested in expanding your exam offerings, our staff will guide you every step of the way to set up your centre according to security standards, train your personnel, and assist you with any issue that may arise. 

We are extremely dedicated to client satisfaction and the relationships we forge with our partners are a testament to this commitment.

The demand for new test centres is constantly growing, especially due to the shift from paper-based to computer and internet-based platforms. 

By joining our network, you will be able to take advantage of our partnerships with test providers as well as provide an important service to students in your area.

Discover Our Test Centres

Our company provides computer based exams through over 200 test centres located across four continents: Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. These strategically positioned centres ensure that candidates from various regions have convenient access to our testing services. Each centre is equipped with the latest technology to deliver reliable and secure exams. Whether you are pursuing professional certification, academic assessments, or other standardised tests, our extensive network of test centres is designed to support your needs with flexibility and ease. Join us and experience a seamless, global testing solution tailored to your requirements.


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